Lofoten Norway Photo Tour 2021


Nordic Reflections Of Lofoten Photo Tour

 September 21st, 2021 – September 28th, 2021
 7 Spots Available (Maximum 7 Participants)

68 degrees north of the equator lies one of the most sought after destinations in the world for landscape photography, The Lofoten Islands of Norway. This absolutely spectacular location offers distinctive scenery featuring jagged mountains peaks, open sea, sheltered bays, historic fishing villages, picturesque beaches and untouched landscapes. Despite its proximity in the polar circle, Lofoten temperatures are relatively mild, thanks to gulf stream weather currents that moderate the region. The aurora activity of Autumn tends to reach its peak in September. If the skies are clear we will be out in the evening hours in search of the beautiful aurora borealis. Autumn in Norway is simply magical and will leave you in awe. Sharp mountain peaks towering to the skies, hillsides covered with autumn foliage, beautiful fjords and the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky are just a few of the many things you’ll experience and photograph here above the arctic circle. During this tour we’ll travel together across the scenic Norwegian landscape, showing you the very best locations for photography. You’ll be taken to beautiful and iconic beaches like Haukland, Uttakleiv and Skagsanden. You’ll also be led you to the Reine and Svolvaer regions, known for their breathtaking views. You can expect each day to be filled with smiles, laughter, photography and adventure as we share in this journey. Come join us on this comprehensive photographic exploration of one of the most scenic locations on Earth. 

• View a gallery of images from our recent Lofoten Autumn and Winter tours here.


Nordic Reflections Of Lofoten Photo Tour

 September 21st, 2021 – September 28th, 2021

In order to provide participants with the best photographic opportunities the itinerary is subject to change based on weather, lighting and other variables.

DAY 1: September 21st, 2021 – ARRIVE in LOFOTEN

Following your arrival into Lofoten Airport you will transfer to your accommodations at the Best Western. We will meet at 6:00 p.m. in the lobby of our hotel and go out for a group dinner meal. I’ll have a Nature Odyssey Worldwide Tours (NOWtours) sign on the table to help you locate our group. There we will get to know each other and discuss our itinerary and the exciting days ahead. Overnight in Leknes.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Best Western Lofoten

DAY 2: September 22nd, 2021 – LEKNES to REINE

We will meet at 5:30 a.m. in the lobby of our hotel for our first sunrise shoot of the tour. Following our morning shoot we will travel south to the historic village of Reine and check into our rorbu cabin accommodations before leaving for our sunset shoot. These traditional fishing cabins have been beautifully restored, offering us a warm, comfortable place to rest and recharge each day and include their own bathroom and kitchenette. If the skies are clear and the solar activity is visible then we will be able to shoot the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Overnight in Reine.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Reinefjorden Sjøhus

DAY 3: September 23rd, 2021 – REINE
– Breakfast Provided

Reine is considered by many to be the jewel of Lofoten and you’ll get to experience it firsthand. We’ll rise early to be up shooting at first light and capture the sunrise over this historic village. There are numerous iconic views here of the towering, granite mountains that surround the region and the traditional fishing cabins resting beneath them. Following our morning shoot we’ll travel on to one of the many beautiful surrounding areas like Ramberg before returning to Reine and capturing sunset near the village of Å. If the skies are clear and the solar activity is visible then we will be able to shoot the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Overnight in Reine.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Reinefjorden Sjøhus

DAY 4: September 24th, 2021 – REINE 
– Breakfast Provided

One of the most iconic images of Norway is the picturesque village of Hamnoy and its red rorbu cabins. We will watch the forecast and if promising then we’ll plan our sunrise shoot for this beautiful location. This area is a treasure trove of glorious mountains, tidal pools, fjords and we will also find docked fishing boats and other similar subjects. The village of Sakrisoy is walking distance from here so we’ll take advantage of its close proximity and shoot it as well. Sunset will find us on the rocky coastline of Maryland Beach. If the skies are clear and the solar activity is visible then we will be able to shoot the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Overnight in Reine.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Reinefjorden Sjøhus

DAY 5: September 25th, 2021 – REINE to LEKNES
– Breakfast Provided

No trip to Lofoten would be complete without experiencing what it is like to shoot at Skagsanden Beach. Besides its incredible, abstract sand patterns it is also a strikingly beautiful spot for landscapes. The historic Flakstad Church is nearby and we will plan to capture it while in the area. Based on the lighting we will most likely continue on to the Village of Nusfjord and if the conditions are right we’ll spend time at Storvatnet Lake as well. If the skies are clear and the solar activity is visible then we will be able to shoot the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Overnight in Leknes.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Solsiden Brygge Rorbuhotel

DAY 6: September 26th, 2021 – LEKNES
– Breakfast Provided

Today we will turn our attention to the rugged coastline of Lofoten’s Northeastern shores. Here we will explore and photograph Haukland and Utakleiv Beaches. This area will afford us a wide variety of photographic opportunities. The fantastic tide pools and rock patterns of Utakleiv are unparalleled. Further North we will arrive at Unstad Beach, a notorious winter surfing hot spot which boasts a shoreline covered in large, round stones. This is also a prime location for photographing the Northern Lights and offers us a region free of light pollution. If the skies are clear and the solar activity is visible then we will be able to shoot the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Overnight in Leknes.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Solsiden Brygge Rorbuhotel

DAY 7: September 27th, 2021 – LEKNES
– Breakfast Provided

The final day of our tour we’ll remain extra flexible with the itinerary. Nathaniel may select a region previously shot at where we’d like to return and capture another look, (based on the weather), or the day might find us journeying eastwards to Henningsvaen to explore and photograph some new regions of the Lofoten Archipelago. Regardless, it will be an exceptional conclusion to the tour filled with a surprise or two for the participants. This will be our final night in Lofoten and we will concentrate on photographing the Aurora Borealis one last time after sunset. Overnight in Leknes.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Solsiden Brygge Rorbuhotel

DAY 8: September 28th, 2021 – DEPART LOFOTEN
– Breakfast Provided

After breakfast you will be transferred by road to Leknes Airport with a new group of friends, wonderful experiences and memory cards loaded full of image files to remember it all by. Upon arrival at the airport you will check in for your outbound flight home or continue on to the next destination. Bon Voyage!


Nordic Reflections Of Lofoten Photo Tour

 September 21st, 2021 – September 28th, 2021

 5,550. USD – Based On Double Occupancy (Inquire For Single Supplement Availability And Rates)


(A confirmation email will be sent you within 24 hours)

$1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot and must be completed prior to registering for any tour or safari. 

Remaining balance is due by May 1st, 2021.

Nordic Reflections Photo Workshop

*Small group surcharge of $500 per person charged for tours with less than 8 participants.

• Participants must arrive in Leknes, Norway prior to 11:59pm on September 21st, 2021!

• We encourage participants to purchase travelers insurance through an agency like TravelGuard

• Traveling in remote locations can present challenges that may require slight changes to the itinerary. We will always try to run the tour as the initial itinerary. In the event, beyond our control, such as political unrest, natural disasters, over bookings by the lodge, where a change is required, we will do our best to keep you close to the original shooting location. It is our intention for you to have the best possible experience. We will try to notify you of any changes as soon as we are made aware of them. If, however these changes cause an increase to the price, the increase will be passed onto the participant.


This cancelation policy protects our business losses and as such is strictly adhered to. Exceptions will not be made. We encourage participants to purchasing travelers insurance through an agency like TravelGuard or World Nomads that will refund your deposit and payments should you have to cancel your trip.

1). Cancel more than 120 days prior to the tour start date:

Full refund, minus any initial deposit and all PayPal transaction fees. Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made and be processed within 72 hours of the request being approved.

2). Cancel less than 120 days prior to the tour start date:

A refund will only be issued if your vacated spot on the tour is filled by another participant signing up. This refund would exclude your initial deposit and any PayPal transaction fees.

* At his discretion Nathaniel may lead the tour even if it does not meet the minimum number of participants required.

** You’ll be promptly notified and provided a full refund (including your deposit) should the tour be cancelled by Nature Odyssey Worldwide.


1. Pick up at hotel in Leknes, Norway
2. All Ground Transportation in Spacious Passenger Van
3. Accommodations For 8 Days and 7 Nights (Double Occupancy)
4. Daily Breakfast
5. Pro Photographer Instruction & Guiding by Nathaniel Smalley
6. Great Memories & Images
7. Drop off to Leknes Airport.







1. Airline Flights
2. Pick up and Drop off at Airport – (Taxi is available for hotel transfers)
3. Water, Snacks, Beverages or Alcohol
4. Mid-day and Evening Meals
5. Travel, Equipment or Health Insurance
6. Visas and passport fees (where applicable in preparation for your travel)
7. PayPal Transaction Fees



1. Camera with manual mode capability
2. Extra camera batteries & charger
3. Cable release or remote control for your camera (Mirror Up and Exposure Delay will also work)
4. Lens filters of your choice (ND, CPL, GRAD, etc.)
5. Sturdy tripod
6. Warm clothes (down jacket, softshell jacket, polartec jacket, long underwear)
7. Waterproof / Windproof Clothes (GoreTex jacket + pants)
8. Waterproof Insulated Boots
9. Wool and silk socks
10. Headlamp with extra batteries
11. 2 Pairs of Insulated Gloves
12. Waterproof Overshoes and belt for pants
13. Thermos for warm beverages


This is an outdoor nature photography tour, so being fit and in good health will allow you to enjoy the trip more comfortably. However, our planned activities should be within the ability of most people in moderate to good shape. Conditions can be cold and wet rocks can sometimes be unstable and slippery, so please pack appropriate clothing for the conditions.

 Participants are required to sign a standard medical and waiver of liability form. Every effort is made to keep participants safe during all stages of the tour, but each person is solely responsible for avoiding personal injury or damaging their equipment during the trip.






I recently participated in Nathaniel’s 2017 Norway workshop. From the moment the workshop started, Nathaniel was completely engaged in ensuring our experience exceeded our expectations. Nathaniel’s approach is very interactive and instructional. He readily shares technical and artistic expertise. He also ensures that each student has what they need to maximize the photo opportunities. From our top-notch lodging, food and access to many beautiful locations – logistically, everything was smooth and easy. From a photography perspective, we had excursions to many picturesque locations that included beautiful beaches, waterfalls and Norwegian villages. We were fortunate to be able to see and photograph one of the most intense Northern Lights in over fifteen years. Nathaniel confirmed that we were prepared, set up and ready to go to maximize the moments. During our non-photography time, we reviewed photos, post processing techniques, while learning new editing skills. In addition to the learning, Nathaniel is enjoyable to work with in the field. He’s fun, easy going, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. I highly recommend Nathaniel’s workshops!

~ Sheen W. |  Michigan, USA

“Nathaniel of Nature Odyssey Worldwide is wonderful. I observed him for almost a year before booking with him. He truly believes in the “leave no trace behind” principle, he does not like baiting animals for a shot and he limits his workshop sizes so that everyone gets time with him one-on-one. Before booking with him, I asked him questions and he was very kind and attentive. Another feature that I appreciated is that he took care of all of the accommodations and he checked every room before handing us our keys. He spends time helping each participant while processing pictures and he provides personal as well as group instruction. He is easy going and truly cares about all of us. It is important to feel very comfortable with the person who you book with and he/she should be approachable.”

~ Thea M. |  Oregon, USA

“I have travelled to many countries around the world but I have to say that Norway (Lofoten Islands) was one of the most spectacular locations I have ever photographed. Nathaniel did an amazing job setting up our lodging, meals and transportation. The photo tour was packed with excursions to beautiful beaches, pristine waterfalls, quaint villages and yes, we were quite lucky to see the northern lights on three occasions! At every location, Nathaniel made sure that we had the right lens and filter for the scene and also checked our camera settings for correct exposure. In the evenings, we would spend hours on reviewing our photos, discussing composition and getting suggestions from Nathaniel for photo editing with Lightroom & Photoshop. All in all a photographers dream!!!”

~ Norm V. |  Massachusetts, USA

“My wife and I know a little bit about Norway. She’s Norwegian and grew up in the far north, above the Arctic Circle. I lived in Norway for several years before we moved, and moved again (long story). On a recent trip back to visit family, we decided to couple that with Nathaniel Smalley’s photo workshop in the Lofoten Islands. Uff da, but that was a good decision! He took us to some absolutely stunning locations and is a very effective teacher of landscape photography – including how to edit the photos you take. He keeps his groups small so he can provide lots of individual attention and coaching. We stayed at nice places, ate well (get ready to appreciate pickled herring and sweet brown goat cheese) (or not), and were catered to night and day. Nathaniel is easygoing, good at problem-solving, and quick to make everyone feel comfortable. We were also lucky with the weather on our trip. I don’t know if he can deliver more of that, but we would recommend him to others without hesitation. We came away with great experiences and also some pretty darn good photographs!”

~ Pete & Solvi H. |  Texas, USA

“I signed up for the Lofoten tour led by Nathaniel on the spur of a moment, it fitted well with my remaining holiday dates at work and I am very pleased that I did. During the trip Nathaniel was great company and took us to most of the iconic locations in Lofoten for both sunrise and sunset shoots as well as Aurora hunting trips when conditions were suitable . The choice and location of the accommodations were great and the whole trip was a pleasure to be part of. My thanks to Nathaniel Smalley for all the hard work and countless hundreds of miles behind the wheel during the week. An excellent trip.

~ Shaun Y. | Great Britain

“It was wonderful to explore such a remarkable place as Lofoten on one of Nathaniel’s tours. I found him to be a professional, friendly, positive, creative, fun-loving and well-organized tour leader and photographer. I had a great time, learned a lot and made new friends. I highly recommend these tours for anyone with a passion for photographing stunning landscapes. Thanks Nathaniel!”

~ Arwen D. | Tasmania

“It was indeed an memorable trip to the northern most part of the world. This was my first trip to Norway and longest stay in a colder climate. On the first night of the tour we were fortunate to see the Aurora Borealis light show, (it had long been my dream to see the lights and capture them). I was so excited and felt like I was in heaven. Nathaniel was always energetic and ready to explore new locations. He was exceptionally adept at multi-tasking, driving, having meals in between, managing accommodations, business emails etc. while also ensuring all participants were comfortable in their rooms, vehicle and of course while shooting. Most importantly what I observed was, on a daily basis Nathaniel managed to be connected to his family and particularly his kids. It was great to have the opportunity to travel with him, I learned a lot.”

~ Kiran B. | India

“In February I thought about contacting you and thanking you for the way you handled your photo tour group on Lofoten. I don’t know if you knew, but we were leading tours there at the same time. Often when two guided groups get on the same beach, it is almost like two football supporter groups of two different teams meet. Shouting at each other where they can and cannot stand. But when our groups were at a location at the same time, it was no problem. You kept your eye on where your participants went and warned them when they walked into a shot before one of us could say anything. So a big thank you for that! Great to see that it can go like that.”

~ Floris S. | Norway


Nature Odyssey Worldwide provides superior photography tours for any skill level, to every corner of the world. Our unwavering commitment to participant satisfaction has established a thriving repeat client base, feel free to browse our testimonials page for confirmation. We excel in the knowledge of critical details and meticulously attend to everything that concerns a traveler, as well as the subtle requirements of a photographer. Itineraries are organized with nature photography in mind and catered to you, our guest. Extra care is invested in all planning stages to ensure an experience second to none. We strive to incorporate a diverse cultural experience for our clients, specific to each destination. Every effort is made to plan exceptional meals and reserve accommodations that you’ll be excited to return to after a long day in the field. All-inclusive international packages take the worry and hassle out of your travel plans. Trips are planned to flow seamlessly, limiting time lost in transfers and prioritizing photography. We’re intentionally flexible with our itineraries so that we can take advantage of unplanned photographic opportunities as they arise. Nathaniel Smalley is at your side every step of the way with the sole focus of maximizing your results and ensuring an experience that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Professional photographic instruction in the field and digital darkroom is standard so you’ll create the very best images possible. This exceptional dedication to our participants allows us to say confidently that your photographic happiness is guaranteed.