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My objective as an instructor is to ensure clients learn how to create compelling, beautiful images, combined with having the very best experience.

You were probably expecting to find an account of how I fell in love with nature at a young age and see a lengthly history of how long I have worked as a photographer. Perhaps you assumed I would discuss the awards my images have won and the famous people with whom I’ve shared the stage. While I could document all that over the last few decades, none of it certifies me as a professional. That can’t be measured by the number of workshops I lead, the prints I sell or the accolades I’ve received.

Professionalism is established by one’s character, ethics and integrity. My achievements in nature photography and commitment to conservation are listed below. However, success doesn’t translate from how long a person has done something; passion does. I have no desire to be recognized as the world’s best nature photographer. Awards and recognition from my peers don’t validate me or my photography; dedication does. My work is defined by continually striving to be a better photographer than I was yesterday. There is no plateau of mastery in this in this industry. There is always room for improvement. The term master indicates that you have perfected something. The day one thinks that they’ve mastered photography is the day they should sell their camera gear. Expecting to learn from a photographer because of their fame, or the awards they’ve won, is simply naive. Being a great photographer doesn’t mean one has a great personality or will make an excellent instructor by default. The ability to impart knowledge to another person in a way they can comprehend is a vanishing art.

The testimonials on my website verify the investment I put into each participant on every trip. Their words are the true measure of success and what validates my title as a professional. I’m repeatedly told by my participants that they learned more over a week with me than they have in years. People of all skill levels are welcome on my workshops. We share a common bond as nature photographers. We understand what motivates each other to get out before sunrise, enduring all kinds of weather and challenges in pursuit of getting ‘the shot.’ When you travel with Nature Odyssey Worldwide Tours, there’s a special connection that’s formed. You become a unique part of a big, extended family. Join me for an upcoming trip and experience for yourself why your photographic happiness is guaranteed.

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• 2012 – Present: Owner of Nature Odyssey Worldwide Tours

• 2019: Featured on Emmy award-winning show Arizona Wildlife Views

• 2015 – 2018: Finalist Judge at Nature’s Best Photography – Africa

• 2015 – 2018: Himalayan Snow Leopard Tour Leader – Ladakh, India

• 2014 – 2017: Ethics Committee Member (NANPA)

• 2015 – 2017: Judge for

• 2015 – 2016: Scheduling Committee for Digital Imaging Group

• 2015: ‘Keynote Speaker’ invitation for Sedona Photofest

• 2014: ‘100 Wonders of the World Exhibition’ St. Petersburg, Russia

• 2014 – Present: Nikon Pro Services Member

• 2013 – 2014: Audubon Arizona Central Leadership Council

• 2013 – 2014: Maricopa Audubon Board of Directors

• 2013 – 2017: Audubon Arizona Featured Photographer

• 2013: Juror for Wildlife Photography Competition at 1650 Gallery

• 2012: Finalist at Stanford Birding Photographic Competition – S. Africa

• 2012: ‘Honorable Mention’ National Wildlife Federation Photo Competition

• 2012 – Present: U.S.F.W.S. Wildlife Educator & Bird Handler Certification

• 2010 – Present: Member North American Nature Photography Association

• 2009 – 2012: Volunteer Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility

• 1996-1998: Board Member AE Howell Wildlife Conservation Center

• 1994: Cornell University – Lab of Ornithology Bird Biology Course